RaftUp is a great location sharing and safety notification app for recreational boating. Join other boaters in your area to find or share favorite points-of-interest, friends and rafters, and businesses to make your next expedition on the water safer, more fun, and adventurous. With RaftUp, you get: Safety at your fingertips. Never find yourself in unfamiliar territory again. Our social SOS can immediately notify nearby users of distress and location in real time. Community who cares. Easily connect with people like you, where you are on the water. Connect with that friend who loves to sail, fish, cruise, and more. Adventure every time. Keep up with amazing new places in all sorts of locations with both curated and user-generated points-of-interest. With reviews and photos coming soon, you can easily plan your adventure ahead of time. Events from all over. Stay on top of all the fun and exciting events going on at your favorite waterway. Never miss a party, fishing tournament, or competition again. An interactive map. Even if you find yourself wandering from cove to cove and without cellular service, RaftUp's location services and GPS can get you where you need to go. Partner businesses there for you. Find the nearest marina with fuel for the boat and the body, a restaurant with dockside service, a towing provider, or pump station. RaftUp's partners are just a tap away. Maximize your time on the water with friends and family doing what you love. RaftUp makes boating safer, simpler, and more enjoyable. Point of Interest Data has been initially populated for these U. S. States: 1. Arkansas2. Missouri3. Texas4. Louisiana 5. FloridaGrowth of the RaftUp POI database will be based on user demand and generated content or through acquisition. Note: Continued use of any GPS based service running in the background could dramatically decrease battery life. Learn more about the RaftUp's TOS & privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used. http://www.raftup.com/privacy.
Operating System Android