Gettysburg Driving Tour

Gettysburg Driving Tour now has over 1.5 hours of audio so that you can hear stories and music at each of the 16 stops as well on the drive to and from each stop.Drive through Gettysburg and into history with Gettysburg Tours. Watch live action battle scenes that help you imagine real events on Gettysburg's open fields. Gettysburg Tours isn't just a static map and pictures; it's a fully immersive and interactive experience. At each of the National Park Service's 16 Auto Tour Stops you can:-GPS triggered audio that plays automatically as you drive-Watch battle videos specific to your location-View custom maps-See historically accurate and realistic paintings-Get directions to the next stopYou can zip through the park quickly by pausing at a limited number of key stops, or spend more time and experience all 16. It's fun, flexible, and easy to use. The audio in the app will trigger and play as you drive by historic battle fields.App Instructions:Make sure your device's GPS location setting is 'ON.' You can find it in under 'Settings' of your device on your phone's dashboard.Please start the tour from the Visitor Center Parking lot. After watching exit to Steinwher Ave Rt 134.Keep the app open and charging in your car as you drive around. The audio will automatically play on the auto route as you drive. Enjoy!
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