Have you ever seen a vehicle that looks out of place? Have you ever had a vehicle that was stolen? Have you ever seen a poster of a missing person and wondered if there was a better way to help? Well, the time has now arrived to help with these situations and more. The PL8PIC app is a unique way to help law enforcement solve cases. Users simply download the PL8PIC app and start taking images of license plates. Law enforcement officials receive notifications within seconds of the time the image was successfully taken by a PL8PIC user--even thousands of miles away. It is important to note that PL8PIC doesn't have access to the registation information of license plates. PL8PIC has no idea who owns what vehicle. However, law enforcement officials do have this knowledge and rely on PL8PIC users to help solve cases. When a missing person or missing vehicle is reported to PL8PIC, registered PL8PIC users within the vicinity of the occurence will receive a push notification alert. The alert will identify what type of vehicle the PL8PIC user should look for. Premium features include the ability to search for last known location of a license plate. In addition, premium members will receive fast notification when another PL8PIC user takes an image of a license plate for which he/she was looking. You can truly help solve crimes and make our world a safer place.
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