Filipino Tagalog Phrase book

The front half of this booklet works as a handy pocket-size phrase book with over 1000 words and 500 useful phrases. The back half deals with grammar, along with short summaries from the accompanying textbook for quick easy access when out in social situations. Learn to speak by listening or reading and memorizing the words in your house, car, work or on those long bus rides or train rides. This program uses simple to understand terminology with useful examples in most situations. This pocket-size booklet will be a valuable asset went out and about. Now each of the phrase book section has 46 audio files that can be streamed to practice pronunciation. Phrase sections include: NumbersEssentialsAlphabeticIntroductions and formalitiesSmall talkWho, what, when, where? which? how? Why? can I? can you? could I? Do you have? I haveIn the hotelDirectionsColorsTime and whenOppositesPhotosEntertainment and dating. ShoppingDescriptionsTelling the timeWhether/climateIn the houseThe bodyFamilyHealth and ailmentsClothes and accessoriesPlacesOccupationsMaterialsAnimalsThe carExpressionsFood/kitchenUseful phrasesVocabularyUseful wordsThe back half deals with grammar, including short summaries of different tenses, with short explanations and examples for each tense. The back half of the booklet also deals with various useful grammar. Topics include: Accents. The. a/an. Subject pronouns. Expressing possession. This/that. To want/would like. To like/love. To me. To have just. I think/it seems. To look like/similar to. More. than/better. than. Changes in state. And/or/but. There is/was/will be. To know. Ago. ForTo beAnd a summary of all the affixes taught in the workbook such as _in, -an, I-, Ma-, Pa-, Magpa-, Pinaka-, kay-, Napaka-, Naka-, Ka-, Maka-, Pang-, Magpa-, Pala- and more. Includes an extensive list of verbs.
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