This app will show the creators what you the people think about the local parks in Medford, Massachusetts. Our goal is to make the Medford parks better so we can make you have a fun time at whatever park you are going to. When you press on the app, you will have to press on the park that you were at. Then, rate the app from 1 to 5. If you rate 5, it is telling us that it is a good park that does not need improvements and if you rate 1, it will tell us this park will need some major improvements. After, you will have to answer 3 different questions that will tell us what you specifically think about the park. This will tell us what we can do to the park to make you rate this park a 5. Finally, you are now done with the app and we appreciate you using your time to help us use your data to help improve the park. Thank you. This app was created by Sam C. and Justin T. as part of the Middle School Pathways in Computer Science project. See cspathways. org.
Operating System Android