Travel card reader

This is ad free version. Supported cards: HSL: Helsinki, Finland-ORCA: Seattle, WA-Clipper: San Francisco, CA-EZ-Link: Singapore (Not compatible with all devices) -Suica: Tokyo, Japan-PASMO: Tokyo, Japan-ICOCA: Kansai, Japan-Bilhete Unico: Sao Paulo, Brazil (Requires encryption keys) -OV-chipkaart: Netherlands (Requires encryption keys) md-NETS FlashPay: Singapore-Edy: JapanRead your travel card information with this application. Application shows: Balance-Ticket expiration date-Season ticket status-Latest travels and refillsSome features works only with HSL cardThanks: Johannes Siipola, Icons. Travel Card Reader Free is released under the GPLv3: git.
Operating System Android