New Orleans Ghost Tour

Experience the ghosts of New Orleans and visit haunted locations on your mobile device. Do it with a friend, or all alone. if you dare. A decadent, decaying city, beset with tragedy, intrigue and mystery, New Orleans has long been regarded as one of America's most haunted cities. In nearly three centuries perched on an unstable edge of the continent, disasters nearly countless have been visited upon this city. Fires, floods, plagues and war have each in turn taken their swipe at the Crescent City. In many years the death rate would approach ten percent of the population; today the dead outnumber the living in the city by nearly twelve to one. Wedged between a mighty river and a tidal lake, surrounded by swamp, water enfolds the city in abundance. Ever moving and full of energy, water is believed to give power to the countless spirits trapped within the confines of the city. Lives cut short by calamity fill the narrow streets and crooked buildings of the city. Wracked by death, disease, and destruction, this is a fertile breeding ground for hauntings of all descriptions. Welcome to New Orleans. This fun GPS-guided tour allows you to walk at your own pace on location, choose your starting point, and do the tour whenever you want, even in the dead of night, or even from home. When walking, the audio will play automatically when you arrive at a location.
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