mycitymate (Java)

With mycitymate you have a powerful tool to discover your city or any city you travel to. Find the coolest locations, find the best events and keep in touch with your mates. mycitymate is the ultimate companion for any urbanite. This is what you can expect: Locations: Browse or search for the best locations. Check out what´s nearby. See what other users liked and recommend. Book a table in a restaurant straight from your mobile. Cities: Select one of more than 200 cities on this planet. Use mycitymate at home or when you travel. Contribute: Share your views in real time. Whether a new location, a review of a location or an image of your night out. All this you can share in real-time with the buddies on mycitymate. Channels: You are a big fan of sushi? Or interested in the best pasta places? Looking for the best nightlife locations everywhere? Switch on one of our channels to stay up to date with the most current info focussed on what you are most intersted in. News & Events: Check out what�´s going on in the city or with your friends. Have a look at the newsfeed to see what your mates are doing. Is anyone out and up for a drink? Any new stuff they uploaded? Or have a look at the events section to see whether a party is going on tonight. Messages: Send and receive messages to stay in touch with your mates. Invite: Connect with your friends to share the best and coolest stuff about your city. Learn about their recommendations. It�´s give and take after all. If you need any support: visit to manage your mycitymate account, for any questions, feedback or anything else.
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Operating System Java Mobile
System RequirementsJava enabled mobile device