Audit File Box

Audit File Box is a document or records management platform the accounting industry, especially for Chartered Accountants or Certified Public Accountants(CAs & CPAs). Audit File Box will help you manage client documents and records in secure cloud servers with all the security you need. You can also maintain the audit evidence for each document and generate the audit trail.Clients - You can create any number of client accounts in Audit File Box and create folders within each client area. You can then give access to users for specific client area as administrators to manage the client or as users for limited access. Users may then be made as owners of select folders or viewers to view records in certain folders. Each client account may be configured with approval workflows for uploaded files and do much more...Folders - Folders, as the name implies is just similar to a Windows or Mac folder structure. Each folder may have several subfolders and you can store documents and files. You may view the documents in a tree view or as a list. Only those users who are granted access to a parent folder as an owner (with upload and limited edit rights) or as a viewer (read only) will be able to view the folders and the documents stored in them.Documents - Documents can be version controlled and can have labels. There are a number of ways to add documents and files into a folder, from single entry form style interface, multiple entry Excel spreadsheet style interface, importing data through a spreadsheet, uploading files in bulk anddrag and drop files to create entries. Data entry and approval process are also easy with Audit File Box.Placeholders - When a certain document is required at a future date and it is to be provided by a client, you can create placeholders to reserve document numbers and set due dates. Based on the setting for a client account, Audit File Box will automatically send reminders to the owners of the folders before the due date. This way you can make sure that the files are provided by your clients and it will reduce the need for follow-up.Messages - You can send instant messages from within a document's details screen to any of the folder owners or viewers. Those who receive the instant messages will be able to reply and send some files with the message. When a clarification is required for a document, these message conversations form evidence or create an audit trail.Mark up - Audit File Box offers an interface to mark up files. There are a number of colors, shapes and easy to use drawing tools to create mark ups. High quality prints can be generated with the annotations. The mark ups or annotations will help users make important notes. The original file is untouched and the annotations are maintained separately. This will allow reproduction of the original file or with annotations.Audit File - You can select specific folders and create a single PDF file for all the files in those folders in a specific order, with table of contents, bookmarks, page numbers, header & footer as a comprehensive compliance record. We call it an Audit File. This is the core of Audit File Box.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.