HOW IT WILL HELL YOU TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS:1) Useful frameworkThis app will aid you to think about decisions and beliefs as bets.Every action and decision we make is just a bet: we bet that eating ice-cream will provide more joy than more health options, we bet that one film is better than another, we bet that world confirms to our beliefs, etc.Every purchase is also a bet - you bet that a purchase will provide you more pleasure than alternative ones, that immediate consumption is better than savings.Thus we need to explicitly think (or better write down in the app) what does each bet imply: you will do X because you belief/expect that Y.With such approach we could pay more attention to the bet terms, underlying beliefs and success chances of our decisions.2) Information about cognitive biasesEach of us think that our decisions are rational and unbiased. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not true.Even though simply knowing about biases is not 100% cure from them, it is still will improve your decisions.3) Help you to focus not only on reasons FOR the betConfirmation bias is on of the strongest biases we have and it affects almost every decision we make.Thus thinking about contrary information even just for a minute could provide you significant benefits.4) Slowing you downWhen you are thinking and analysing your options, it is a good idea not to rush. Too many decisions made in a harry and without proper review.This slow down from writing down conditions of the bet and related arguments will pay off with improved decisions.5) Feedback toolIf you really want to improve your decision-making ability, you also need to regularly review your previous bets and update your approach.With this app you will have notes for all your previous bets and decisions: your assumptions, relevant facts and results.It is time to make a bet on yourself and improve your decision making ability with this app!
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Version 1.1
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System Requirements Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.