CROWDLOC Lite - Find & Locate Bluetooth Devices

CROWDLOC Lite locates your Bluetooth devices against loss and theft: smartwatch, fitness tracker, portable speaker, headphones, computer mouse, hands-free kit, camera, TV, etc.CROWDLOC Lite allows you to:* Locate Bluetooth devices on a map or, in close range, via a proximity radar* Declare a lost device* Declare a stolen device* Share geolocation of a Bluetooth device with another member of the CROWDLOC communityCROWDLOC Community:Whenever another CROWDLOC Lite user, or a partner application, is within range of the signal from one of your lost Bluetooth devices, its location is transmitted confidentially and securely to the CROWDLOC platform and made available to you in your CROWDLOC Lite application. In the same way, your smartphone participates in the community and helps other members find their lost Bluetooth devices.By introducing CROWDLOC Lite to your family and friends, you develop the CROWDLOC community and increase your chances of finding back your Bluetooth devices.The CROWDLOC platform received an award for its innovative technology at the Geo IoT World 2017 conference.In order to work, the application requires the use of Bluetooth and geolocation. CROWDLOC Lite has been optimized to have a negligible impact on your phone's battery.Compatibility with Bluetooth devices:CROWDLOC Lite allows you to register most Bluetooth devices. Nevertheless the ability to geo-locate them permanently depends on how they were set by their manufacturer.* First, the range of Bluetooth signal is specific to each device. Some manufacturers of Bluetooth devices have limited the range of the signal to fifteen meters (45 feet), other Bluetooth products might broadcast their signal up to a hundred meters (300 feet), which improves the ability of our community to find them.* Second, some devices communicate constantly in Bluetooth, others limit these signals to certain phases of use. CROWDLOC Lite can only locate your device when it emits a Bluetooth signal and your smartphone - or any other smartphone from the CROWDLOC community - is within range of that signal.You can find more information and tutorials for different brands of Bluetooth devices (including Fitbit, Garmin, Xiaomi, MyKronoz, Nikon) on our website: loss and theft always think CROWDLOC Lite to locate and find your Bluetooth devices.
License Free
Version 2.1.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up