Coffee Finder USA

Coffee Finder USA helps you find all the coffee shops near you or any location specified by you in USA! You can search popular coffee chains or local coffee stores with just a click.You can search Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's (McCafe), Peet's Coffee, Au Bon Pain, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs, Caribou Coffee, Gloria Jean's, Tim Hortons or any other local coffee shops to socialize and blend in with the local coffee lovers in any part of USA! This is essentially a Starbucks Finder + Dunkin' Donuts Finder + McDonald's (McCafe ) Finder and other popular coffee store finder (Peet's Coffee, Au Bon Pain, The Coffee Bean, Caribou Coffee, Gloria Jean's, Tim Hortons) for you. You can also find any other Local Coffee Shops in USA.Features:Find Starbucks / Dunkin' Donuts / McCafe / Caribou Coffee / Peet's Coffee /Au Bon Pain / The Coffee Bean / Gloria Jean's Coffee/Tim Hortons or Other Local Coffee Shops by: - Using your current location either GPS or network location - Search by address you enter* You can easily select - Open Only Stores for offline hours capability* The Closest and Open store marker will blink for you so that you can find it easily! You can also take a look at the List View which is sorted from closest to farthest location around you.The App will show you the map or list of the locations based on your preference.- Map view shows your current location and the location Coffee Shops around you based on the selection.- Clicking on a Location Marker will show you a Info window with address, rating and open status.- Clicking on a Info Window will show you more information with a sliding menu from below. You can see, + address + phone number + opening hours + photo of the location + View direction button to go to that location + Share Location button to share the location with a friend by just a click + Google Street View button to go to street view if available for that location- Long Click on a Info Window will take you to google maps direction to the specified store.- Clicking on List View at the top bar will show you all the locations as a list view and you can go to google maps from there as well.Change Map Type:Want a Satellite view of the location or a Hybrid/Terrain View? Go to menu button at the top right corner to change the map style to,- Satellite View- Hybrid View- Terrain View or- Normal View (Default)The app lets you increase your search radius. Go to the menu toSearch Within a Radius of, - 5 km (Default) - 10 km - 15 kmIf default 5 km already has a lot of stores, it might be redundant for you to go to higher radius.Search by any Address:Click on the search button at top left corner of the map view and enter the address to search your desired coffee shop at that location by selecting the coffee shop from the menu bar.Permissions Used:* Fine and Coarse Location - to determine your location* Internet - used to retrieve map and coffee shop dataUsage:The app will find your location if the GPS is turned on and show you the coffee shops around you based on your selection. If location is not turned on, you can still search coffee shops at any desired location if you are connected to the internet.Please email for support before leaving a negative review. We will try to solve your issue as soon as possible.
License Free
Version 2.0.4
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up