ZTasks for Volume Licensees

** Please Note **This version of the ZTasks app is for volume license customers only. You need a valid license key to use this software. If you need to purchase a license for your business or enterprise, please contact us at the support email address below. For a full description of the app, please see the retail version of the app.Retail VersionThe retail version of this app is available here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsropos.ztasks.proDescriptionZTasks is fun to use and comes with many powerful features including full text search, sorting and filtering, sharing, publishing, and much more!ZTasks does not rely on CardDav or Excange ActiveSync protocols unlike other task sync apps and uses native Zimbra API's instead. This allows ZTasks to support additional features like tags, task priority and progress, and to work equally well with th Network and Community editions of Zimbra server without compromising on features.
Operating System Android