Wifi Manager PRO

This application permit you to connect automaticaly to your prefered Wifi location.Add a location and when you come back at this point Wifi will be ON and the 3G will be turn OFF to save battery time.Wifi will be switch OFF when you leave this point and 3G will be turn ON automaticaly.(3G or GPS can be used to locate you)Easy and usefull application.New Option:You can now received and send MMS with Wifi ON.Application will manage all for you..nothing to do, Just use your device.Validated on Lollipop (due changes done in Lollipop, a rooted device is need to manage data activation, the Wifi is still manage without root permissions)Need help?Feel free to ask me by mail.*** IMPORTANT: ***To make this application work ,location must be enabled in Settings> location Services.TIPS:For optimum operation, you should register location when wifi is activated..I appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions for future releases, please contact me.If you like this app, let some stars on market ;)Tags: Wifi manager Wifi locator Battery saver SGSII SGS2
Operating System Android