CoSign: Secure Digital Signing

CoSign is the most widely used digital signature solution with millions of people around the world using it to quickly add secure digital signatures to their business documents. It was also recognized as "the strongest digital signature solution" in Forrester's E-Signatures report.Want to learn how to avoid the hassles of signing with pen & paper while lowering your costs and improving document security no matter what you do or where you work? Try the CoSign Mobile App - the easiest way to securely sign your documents on the go using tamper-proof digital signatures that ensure both signer identity and document integrity.Download the CoSign Mobile App to try it out for free or to add it to your existing CoSign account.Three simple steps are all it takes to securely sign and send your PDF document:1. Open the document you want to sign from the CoSign app, from your cloud storage, from your email, or from any other app on your mobile device that handles PDF files.2. Add your legally binding signature to the document in preset locations or add your own locations anywhere in the document.3. Share the signed version with any mobile app that handles PDF files such as an email client (to send it as an attachment)or a cloud storage service (to save the file for future use).In the app you can also:- Create your graphical signature by sketching your signature on the screen (by hand or with a stylus), typing it in as text, or uploading it from an image file.- Select the info you want to include in the signature, such as your reason for signing, your title, and the date and time of the signature.- Review any digitally signed document and ensure that the signer's identity is valid and that the document hasn't been tampered with since it was signed. All you have to do is click on the digital signature within the document in order to view the information embedded within it (this can also be done in any other app that supports digital signatures.)So how do you benefit from the CoSign digital signature app?1. Sign anywhere - At the office, on a work site, on vacation or on the golf course2. Improve your productivity - Sign documents as soon as they are ready to be sent3. Reduce paper-related costs - Eliminate the need to print documents just for signing4. Become paper-free - No more manual printing, signing, faxing, scanning, and mailing5. Secure your sensitive documents - Make sure nobody tampers with them after signing6. Establish trust - Guarantee document control across your business and IT environments7. Ensure compliance - Only digital signatures (as opposed to electronic ones)comply with a wide range of country- and industry-specific laws, regulations and standards
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