Cortado Workplace

The Cortado Workplace app securely connects Android devices to the corporate network. The app is a component of Cortado's business solutions. Depending on the solution chosen, the following features are available:» CORTADO WORKPLACEIn addition to the app, Cortado Workplace includes a server component which is installed in the company network. Employees have secure mobile access to their network drives and work flexibly and productively at all times. Core features include:- Faster access to files in the corporate network- Open and edit documents in any managed app- Printing to network and Wi-Fi printers- Secure file sharing with project participants via virtual data rooms*- Preview of files without downloading or requiring third-party appsBasic management features such as deleting work files and remote access locking are integrated into the solution.» CORTADO SERVERCortado Server is our complete enterprise mobility management solution. It offers:- All Cortado Workplace features+ Powerful mobile device management (MDM)+ Native mobile application management (MAM)Cortado Server is installed on-premises in the enterprise and enables seamless, secure integration of mobile devices into the corporate IT infrastructure.» CORTADO CLOUDCortado Cloud is our mobile device management solution from the cloud. The MDM can be set up and ready to go in an instant and doesn't even require any server components in your corporate network. It offers the same comprehensive MDM functionality as our on-premises solution Cortado Server.More information is available at*Working with Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)requires the server component of Cortado Workplace or Cortado Server in version 8.3 or higher.
Operating System Android