Calculator Mem Lite

Simple calculator with history (virtual tape, a.k.a. ticker tape style)keeping track of all completed operations. Many ways to export results (email, external file of SD card, clipboard...)New: Multi-window mode for Samsung Galaxy Note!Limitations of this Free release: This free release displays ADs and miss some features like ability to recompute the whole history list when one history item is modified...Fully customizable: font size, widget mode, show/hide memory buttons... Make it yours!Online tutorials: tips & tricks from the official page: us on Twitter: of the available features:- Percentage usefull feature for computing tips and taxes- Tablet support (even support for multiple windows mode on the Galaxy Note tablet)- Adjustable results history panel height- Haptic feedbacks can be turned On / Off (see preferences)- Always round amounts by setting number of decimals to 2- Customizable larger fonts for elderly and visually impaired- Calculation history and memory (select result, formula, copy to clipboard...)- Digit grouping- Landscape mode- Can be used as an office calculator mode- No Ads displayed / No internet access- More widget templates and color choices- You can change the height of the history panel- Calculation history always saved (survive device reboot)- And more..."Recommended by ("Advanced functions:M+, M-, MR, MS...rand()x^ysum(x1;x2;... xn)avg(x1;x2;... xn)etc.
Operating System Android