Easy-to-use calculator that includes the history of its usage (virtual tape, a.k.a. ticker tape style).Customize your caculator by setting the numeric font size, numeric pad color, digits color, operations pad font size, operations pad color and digit font. Configure the number of decimals, and toggle the haptic feedback, special character usage, and memory functions (M+, M-...)Learn tips & tricks (and ask questions)from the official page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Calculator-Mem/559361640797712Online tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6A4F38BB80BDC248Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/amwebexpertE-mail your calculations, or save them to the clipboard or the SD card. Calculator Mem includes full instructions so you can take advantage of all its features.Some of the available features:- MS, MC, M+, M-- Percentage usefull feature for computing tips and taxes- Tablet support (even support for multiple windows mode on the Galaxy Note tablet)- Adjustable results history panel height- Haptic feedbacks can be turned On / Off (see preferences)- Always round amounts by setting number of decimals to 2- Landscape mode- Customizable larger fonts for elderly and visually impaired- Calculation history and memory (select result, formula, copy to clipboard...)- Can be used as an office calculator mode- No Ads displayed / No internet access- More widget templates and color choices- You can change the height of the history panel- Calculation history always saved (survive device reboot)- Ability to recompute the whole history list when one history item is modified...- And more..."Recommended by Appgovideo.com (http://www.appgovideo.com/)"Advanced functions:rand()x^ysum(x1;x2;... xn)avg(x1;x2;... xn)etc.
Operating System Android