Video Ringtone for Incoming Call

Video Ringtone for Incoming Call: Video Caller ID is the latest and most amazing feature that has come up on play store for those who got bored by old traditional incoming patterns, now with Video ringtone setting incoming call is amazing to change your mood according to your selected set up video by video ringtone maker which is according to user's choice.Place your favorite videos as a caller Id so that you can always see it when you get an incoming call. You can set videos specifically assigned for each separate contact too creating individual video id as their caller id. So, when you meet your friend, shoot a small video of his and assign it to his contact. Every time he calls your you'll see his video along with his voice.Video Ringtone for Incoming Call can be customized by Video ringtone through video ringtone setting incoming call in Android devices. By using this app feature which helps to cut/choose desired video from the main video clip, so that can be set on all video ringtone on incoming call. This app is one of the best apps from all Video ringtone apps.Features :* Video as Ringtone on an Incoming call.* Default Video for all Contacts* Choose Video separately for a particular contact.* Adjust Ringtone Sound and Video.* Free to Download.* HD Default Video.* Full screen Video Incoming Calling Screen.* Full screen Photo Outgoing Calling Screen.* You can activate both or any incoming and outgoing call screen.* Set different videos as your incoming caller ID.* customize the background of your calling screen by selecting from given default backgrounds in the app or select your photos from mobile gallery as calling screen background.* Select from different theme answer and reject buttons.* Displays profile photo of every saved contacts.* It's a full screen HD calling screen with both incoming and outgoing call screens.* Call confirm, call waiting, call hold, mute and conference calling available.* Easy UI and different beautiful themes available.* Update to latest version for latest calling screen themes.Now you can place a video as an incoming caller id instead of simple call screen / caller tones. You can place your own videos as incoming video caller id with full screen caller id. It will replace your old caller id and mobile ringtone to caller id with your selected video and video ringtone. It will change the look of your incoming calls.Video Ringtone for Incoming Call - Video Caller ID application is the best for Incoming Call to set Videos and play it during Incoming Calls.Everyone has their own personal style. So Video Ringtone for Incoming Call: Video Caller ID is helping to all that change old caller screen and use new featured Video Caller Screen.Thank You....!!
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