Game Booster: 2X Speed for games 2019

Game booster 2X Gaming Speed allows you to play Android games in your device smoothly. If you are experiencing a slow/ laggy gaming experience, this app will solve those problems for you. You can play all resource hungry games in a way that you never played them before.Game booster is a powerful ram memory optimizer and boosting tool specially designed for lower ram devices. Game Booster app helps to accelerate your games. Memory freed immediately at game launching free up more space for your games so your playing will be smoother.Game Booster can make your game run faster, it frees up memory before launching your games. Boost the game or apps, and makes games and apps run smoother.If you are tired of an insufficient game speed for your favorite games and apps, just download the best game booster app to get best gameplay experience!Boost your device's performance with just one touch. Optimize the CPU, RAM and many other things automatically for Gaming and max performance!With Game booster, you will experience 20%-40% performance increase.Features:* Use GameBooster modes to boost your device to max performance.* Assign your favorite play style for each game and boost the app within that game play mode.* One tap game management booster app.* customize and arrange your game apps however you want by pressing and dragging app icons, easy!* Solves high RAM usage issue.* Kills unnecessary tasks & apps and empties memory for best game experience.* Release memory as much as possible.* Unleash real performance of your device to play games faster than others.* Automatically and regularly performs boosts while playing games.* Stops unnecessary apps that are in background, frees memory and starts you app.How to use Game Booster Ultimate- Launch the app and add your games to the 'My Games' list.- Then tap the start button and start playing your favorite game.When you start the game booster, it reduces the RAM usage of other background apps so your game can use more RAM than usual. It also prioritizes your game than other apps so that the game can use more CPU power. It also stops unwanted background network tasks so if you play multiplayer games, you can get the maximum of your network speed. With all of these things, you will experience a lot smooth and high FPS game play.
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