TidyPanel (Notifications Blocker & Cleaner)

Tidy up your notification panel with simple, minimal, beautiful & intuitive UI.Tired of all those notifications that you can't swipe away? Are those "Message is using SMS" notifications driving you crazy? Tidy panel is your one stop solution. It's simple and minimal with beautiful and intuitive UI.Hide System Notifications for Android O and above like "running in the background", "displaying over other apps", "USB charing this device", "2 apps are using battery", etc.FEATURES :Simple and minimal but intuitive interfaceAlmost zero % battery usageList of active and hidden notifications for easy customizationMinimal apk Size (< 2mb), minimal memory usageNo ads, no data, no tracking. Your data never leaves your device whatsoeverPRO FEATURES :Hide unlimited number of notificationsLong press to disable hidden notifications (notifications may take 30 seconds to reappear after enabled)More battery and ram optimizationsAuto hide notifications on device rebootBlock them and forget themFAQs:Why do you need notification access?- Notification access permission is needed in order to manage notifications. There is no other way possible in Android. This app doesn't care about what the actual content of the notification.What are you going to do with my data?- No ads, no data collection, no tracking. Your data never leaves your device whatsoever. Only time internet is used is to check the license status.Stops working after a while ?- On some devices,the app may be stopped by android, please white list this app from battery optimization manually to prevent this.How do I unblock the blocked ones?- Delete the blocked notification, that's all.Now that I have this app, I want to hide every notifications?- This app is primarily meant to hide those notifications that you can't swipe away. If you hide other swipeable notifications it might have unexpected side effects, like abnormal battery consumption, missing important notifications, etc.Tried blocking notification using Title, but didn't work?- Some dynamic notification like battery percentage while charging might not work using title, try using body or custom text instead, use keyword like "charging" to target "Cable charging : 81%". If nothing works let us know with details and screenshot if possible.How about the battery?- Battery consumption should be under 1%. Give it some time and check battery consumption report, you will probably not see this app, which means consumption is below 1%. In case you see abnormal battery consumption, please let us know.
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