Mathematical keyboard F

This is a soft keyboard that is convenient for writing mathematical questions and expressions, etc.Numbers, symbols, all alphabets, Greek letters and superscripts can be entered without conversion.You can enter digits from 0 to 9, all alphabets Greek letter ",,,,,,,,,,,", superscripts ",,,,,,,,,,,,,,," and mathematical symbols "!?v#|%$''"^:;&+±-~*/=({[)}].,".If you press the key of the symbol continuously, it switches to a different symbol.If you press the key of the alphabet and Greek letters continuously, it switches from lowercase letters to uppercase letters.The alphabet is a QWERTY array.Please be aware that superscript may not be saved properly depending on the character code of the text file to be entered.If it is UTF-8 of the standard character code of Android OS it can be saved correctly.There is a possibility of garbled characters when saving with the standard character code of Windows PC.
Operating System Android