Call Log Monitor, Call History- PDF Export Pro

Call Log Monitor helps to manage your contacts call log, contacts and export to PDF as per your requirement.Distinct Features of APP includes* Manage Call Log* Export Call log to PDF and instantly save in any icloud location.* SMS Backup to PDF* Get Call Log Statistics against Daily Basis with Self explanatory Graphs.* Export Call Log Statistics to PDF and save instantly in icloud location including Google Drive, Dropbox and etc.* Export Call Logs to PDF* Get Separate Call log of Specific Contact with PDF Backup.CALL HISTORY / CALL LOG Manager:Call History or Call Log screen groups your call log by date and gives you instant access to perform operations (i.e. 'Deleting all call log from selected number ') by gentle Right to left SwipeCall History manager gives detailed report of daily basis on* Number of Calls* Total Call time* Individual Call Duration* Group by DateANALYZER ReportCall log Monitor helps you in managing call log against specific time period. User can select data range to view detailed report of all dialed, received and missed calls.How to use :1- User selects start date and end date by clicking on dates2- After date selection click on 'Tick' icon.3- Detail report will appear with dialed , received and missed calls.Export Call Log report to PDF with bottom floating button.CONTACT LOG :Manager your google contacts with Call log Monitor with graphical report and can be easily exported to PDF and save in email or any cloud location.SMS Backup :Premium feature of this app is to take SMS backup to PDF within a minutes,Use of this features is vast, few of its main usage points are mentioned below.* Legal Proceedings* Contractors chat* Real estate communications* Custody Hearings* Work Related conversation* Customer conversation* Backup text messages* email text messages* Backup SMS* Upload SMS backup to Dropbox ( requires Dropbox App )* email SMS messagesDIALER :Simple and perfectly designed Dialer helps user to instantly start call and start sms conversation.Call log Monitor works perfectly fine with Truecaller, Google contacts, callappQUESTIONS? CONTACT US:Bug reports or suggestion are highly welcome on following email address
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