Oclock Pomodoro & Focus Timer - Productivity Clock

A Pomodoro focus & productivity timer to help you focus more on what matters!Oclock features a clean and dimmed UI with as little distractions as possible to help you accomplish your tasks more easily.Main features:- Pausable timer- Dark & clean interface.- Custom work, break & long break time.- AMOLED-friendly design- Ad-free- Optional notificationsThe app uses the standard Pomodoro technique, Work-Break 4x and then a longer break.The app switches automatically between the work timer and break timer and can send you notifications so you don't even have to look at your phone in between.Oclock is not in any way affiliated with the Pomodoro Technique or Francesco Cirillo.The Pomodoro Technique and Pomodoro are registered trademarks by Francesco Cirillo.
Operating System Android