Codes for universal controls (Smart control)

If the device does not respond to the remote control after dealing with all the codes in the list corresponding to the brand, or if the brand is not included in the list, do a manual search of the code: here a list of brands to find the corresponding code of your TV ( Television ) or something else you want to program.Here we make it easier for you to be looking for those codes on the internet here in this application are thousands of different brand codes here we make life easier for you.The universal tv remote controller codes this app allows you to quickly select thousands of TV manufacturers codes so you can configure your remote control or (control) for television.The universal remote control can be programmed to work with most televisions , VCRs and cable boxes. each brand has a specific code that must be programmed in the universal remote control , and the manual of the latter has a code list .However, the manual may easily get lost and make your remote control more difficult to program. Some codes can be shared between devices.- NOTE -- The remote function where the soundbar and tv is only works for devices with infrared- The TV Smart function works only with smart TVs and so far with some TV modelsShare with friends so you can provide them.
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