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Easy App Backup (Apk Backup), Share and Uninstaller is the easiest and useful app manager that helps you Uninstall and Backup multiple apps at once in single click.If you are at place where there is not internet or network connection there you can transfer your applications to your friends and family easily.Uninstall Multiple Apps at Once (Quickly Uninstall Apps : Batch Uninstaller):You can uninstall multiple apps at once. Select the apps you want to uninstall and press the Uninstall button. You can't uninstall system apps with this.App RemoveLaunch ApplicationApp ShareFast UninstallShow App Name, Version, Details, Package and SizeClean up Storage and Free Up more SpaceBulk BackupShare Apk FilesThis app acts as a great Apk Sharer tool to send/share apk files of your installed applications. You can choose the medium to send apk file like Bluetooth, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. You can send apks directly , attach them to gmail or any other email client apps.Apk Extractor :You can extract and use your apk. you can restore it from your device file manager.Device Information:Information about your Android Device including details about name, Device brand, Architecture, RAM and Storage and many others.Device Battery Information :View Battery Status, Battery Health, Battery Capacity, Battery Charging Status, Measures Battery Capacity (mAh) based on science.FeaturesMultiple App Backup - Backup multiple apks to your device memory or SD Card in just one tap.Share Multiple Apk Via Bluetooth, Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive or Dropbox etcUninstall Multiple Apps -Fast and Easy Uninstaller for multiple apps installed in your device.Sort your apps according to Name and Size - Quick and Easy Sort ApplicationsLaunch, Backup and Uninstall selected applicationBeautiful and Easy User Interface, Minimal AnimationsShow Details about specific application, memory used, permissions, Package name etcRefresh the list of apps on adding or deleting the apps from deviceDisplay Information about device and Battery StatusSave app apk to your SD CardAnd after all it's FREE to USE !Has various useful shortcuts for you to manage your apps including: Installed Apps, Storage Settings, Data Usages & Display SettingsBest App ManagerFAQs About AppIs it necessary that both people have the app to send apks?No. Only the person who is sending the app need to have this application in order to send apps to other device. You can send apk to non android devices as well if they have receiving medium like Bluetooth or Email etc.How can I backup the multiple apps to SD Card?Just check the apps you want to backup and click Backup button and all your selected apps are backed up to your SD Card.How can i view information about individual apps in my device?Click on the app icon and you can view the information about specific app, it's size, package name, you can even launch the app and view additional settings of the app.Is it possible to uninstall system app?No. You cannot uninstall system app. You can uninstall or delete the applications that you've installed in your device by clicking the uninstall button.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None