Remind Me When I'm There

Hate forgetting something you need before you leave the store?Have you tried other reminders that you never remember to check?Now you can be reminded when you need it most... when you get there!Set up reminders that are triggered by your location. Now when you get to the grocery store you can remember that you need milk!Need recurring reminders?Set a reminder with a snooze length so that you can be reminded again after the snooze is over. Great for remembering to clock in or turn on wifi.Need to let others know when you have arrived? Send a text message to one or multiple contacts with a customized message! Great for when you are picking your kid up from an event or practice. "I'm here!"Set a location by searching for a place, long press and move the map marker to enable more precision. Set the notification radius to the size you want for accurate reminding.Remind Me When I'm There enables high precision accuracy.To achieve this accuracy your location will be polled at an interval that can be set in the settings page. An on-going notification will be placed in the notification center making you aware that the app is running. This notification can be expanded to display a button from which the service can be stopped.Battery life?We all worry about having enough juice to last the day. While the app will run in the background the battery impact has proven to be minimal.Remind Me When I'm There, is here to help you when life gets fast and memory is short!Learn more here:
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