Cluster Calendar

The best calendar app, designed specially for shift workers and for people who need to keep order in their daily life to not miss any appointments. Share your events, notes and shifts on real time with other users and keep them updated on all your devices.If you are a shift worker you will love "Cluster Calendar". Watch the changes on your calendars on real time if you invite someone to your calendar they will see the changes on real time too!Share your calendar with whoever you want and give them the posibilityShare your calendar with whoever you want and give them the possibility to edit it in real time or to keep them as spectators of your events. Ideal for families, couples or those who need to know the agenda of their relatives, friends or job partners.You can create as many events as you need and configure them visually, set alarms and include actions at start/end of each event, such as turn ON/OFF WiFi, switch to sound/vibration/silence mode or set ON/OFF bluetooth.Create notes on each day and add reminders with alarms. Do not ever forget appointments or important notes.Create a Widget for your desktop and display your calendar without even opening the application.Change your calendar in two ways:- Paint Mode: Select an event from the list and click on the day to paint with that event.- Edit Mode: Select one or more days and perform actions on the selected range of days.Main characteristics:- Easy to use.- Clear Interface.- Display a summary of the events and notes in the next 30 days.- Create notes and reminders.- Configurable sound alarms.- Create fully configurable events.- Alarms for each event.- Perform actions at start/end of each shift schedule (WIFI, sound mode, Bluetooth).- Easily share your calendar with friends (via SMS, Whatsapp, email ...).- Add images and audios on your notes.- Desktop Widget.
Operating System Android