PlayMaker Edge

The PlayMaker Edge app is simple, fast and easy way to manage post-acute sales activity.Beat the Competition.Evaluate the competition with up-to-date market data. Analyze historical data to identify high value referral sources. Develop data-driven sales strategies and campaigns.Be Productive.Manage your daily sales activity. Access the status of patient orders. See in-depth contact details. Add notes from the field. Respond immediately to referral inquiries.Track Performance.Get live updates and a real-time view of your pipeline from the palm of your hand. Reports and dashboards are available when you need them, so you can make quick decisions on the go. Adjust your book of business and call plans based on activity history.Advance Deals.Analyze contacts, facilities and orders to move deals to close. Increase your orders. Build better referral relationships. Cross-sell and upsell service lines. Close more business.With the power of the PlayMaker Edge app, post-acute sales and marketing teams can remain competitive, accelerate growth and improve productivity.For more information visit
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