B16x2 Keyboard

Qwerty is a mortal obstacle blocking smartphone progress now. B16x2 Keyboard has found out the optimization for human hand structure. It is far superior to qwerty on 2-thumb typing and is never inferior on even 10-finger typing. Qwerty is rather a given jail than a personal choice. However superior B16x2 is, it cannot make you escape. It's only you that can make yourself free. B16x2 has the optimum for you. You need to find it first, if not yet, by adjusting button size, etc. to be the most comfortable for you. Then your thumbs can fly like a swallow. You will be able to utilize both 16 key and 32 key interchangeably according to situations. It is useful to use together a word prediction for your language like "B16x2 English Prediction".
File Size2.19 MB
Operating System Android