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Speech Recognition, Voice Record, Call Record and Speech Mirror. Create your notes fast and easy all on your mobile phone. Professional recording like your old Digital recorder. Playback voice files, Insert and Overwrite function for quick editing. Speech Recognition for creating your own documents on the go. Speech Mirror shares your mobile phone screen to your computer screen. Record your calls with clients using our Call record feature. All in one app.Record, Play, Rewind, Record-Over, Fast-Forward & Insert- Save voice files and rename files for easy management- Rewind & Insert within recording- Rewind & Overwrite within recording- Wav format for easy universal playback on any computer- 256-bit Encrypt voice files and email password protected locked Zip file.Compatible with Dragon Speech Recognition Software, Philips SpeechExec, Olympus ODMS Software, Start-Stop Transcription and many more transcription software applications. Please make sure that your transcription software handles Wav Formats. Download our app and send a test file for compatibility. Trial period available.Share voice files fast and easy. Email or to send large voice files securely through Dropbox or OneDrive. You will need to download Dropbox or OneDrive to your mobile device. They offer a secure platform to share large files.Speech to Text FeaturesYou Talk & Our App TypesDictate directly onto mobile phone. See text live on screen. Print document, save document or share document. Use commands like "New Line", "New Paragraph", "Period", "Comma" to create professional documents. Easy to use. Faster than finger typing. Printing margins are letter size, standard page sizes (8.511).See text on computer screenUse Mobile Phone as a microphone. See text live on computer screen in Speech Mirror Window and on your phone at the same time. Bluetooth Connection. Wireless microphone. Create documents fast and easy. Print or Copy text for easy storage of documents. PC & Mac compatible.Call Record FeaturesRecord incoming calls for playbackRecord call only on Android. Enable in settings and from now on all calls will be recorded.Click on the voice file to play or email file to your computer or assistant for transcription and playback.Compatible with Dragon Software and Transcription software.*This feature is not available on Iphone. Still in development.How To:Rename a file - Slide your finger over the share button next to the default file name to be changed.Encrypt Voice file - Password protect file - Click on Settings from the top right-hand corner of screen and enable password. We have no way of recovering password encrypted voice file.Speech to Text - You can use commands like, New Paragraph, New line, Period and comma. Create professional documents in letter size format (8.5x11) for easy printing or saving.Share large voice files - You will need to download Dropbox or OneDrive for secure storage to send voice files. You can share the voice files easily from our app with either platform. Dropbox and OneDrive are cloud-based solutions with backup and accounts are free to use. Additional storage can be purchased if needed in the future but not necessary.Speech Mirror - Download and open the .exe file. The Speech Mirror will open on your computer screen. Then click on the Bluetooth icon on the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen. Click on "Show Bluetooth Devices". On your mobile phone, from our Speech Mirror window, click on the Bluetooth connect button. Click on your Bluetooth connection. Connection status will light up green on the Speech Mirror window on your computer screen.Speech Mirror - Copy & Paste below urlPC Windows Download - Apple Download -
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None