Off the Grid - Digital Detox

The average American spends 31% of their waking hours on mobile devices. Yes, really! Off the Grid is a digital detox app that helps curb phone addiction so you can cut that number down and reconnect with real life. And it's free!-Out to dinner and always checking your phone?Off the Grid locks down your phone so you engage with the people around you.-Want to put down your phone every night at 8pm?Schedule your Off the Grid time and your phone will stop distracting you, automatically.-Need to make sure your significant other can reach you?Add them to Off the Grid's whitelist and never miss their important calls.-Worried your friends will wonder why you're not responding?Custom auto-reply messages let your friends know you're Off the Grid.-Want to take a selfie with your friends?No problem, you can still access your camera app.Still not convinced the quality of your life will improve by putting down your phone? Check out our technology abuse articles at the Grid is effective and a cinch to use. Give it a try! :)
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