Notty Notes - notepad - organizer

"Notty Notes" is a free, simple and easy to use, note taking - notepad - notebook - organizer application, with innovative features. It helps you organize all aspects of your life, and become more effective, efficient, productive and ...satisfied! "Notty Notes" is a powerful tool for taking notes, writing down texts, to-do lists and memos, keeping a journal or a diary.Features:- Notes are organized in books (notebooks). An unlimited number of notebooks can be used.- It is easy to backup your notes, by exporting your books (notebooks) to files (ending in .bk).- You can transfer your notes to other devices, by importing your files.- Colors and labels (tags) can be used for the classification of your notes.- You have the ability to edit the colors of a notebook, or create any custom color, by selecting rgb or hex color codes.- You are also able to modify, delete or create new labels (tags).- Each note's creation and modification date and time, length and labels are displayed in the Editor.- It is easy scan through your notes, as there are many options on how to sort them.- In case of a diary or a journal, you can sort your notes by creation or modification date and time, ascending or descending.- There is an efficient search tool, so you are able to easily find the information you need.- You can choose between 4 application color themes and 3 font sizes.- All notes are stored locally and kept safe.- The application is free and there are no ads.Keywords:note, notepad, notebook, memo, text, textnote, colornote, label, tag, to-do list, checklist, shopping list, supermarket list, task, diary, journal, draft, schedule, organizer, planner, agenda, python, kivy"Notty Notes" is written in Python and uses the Kivy Framework.
License Free
Version 0.9.7
Operating System Android