Who can I play GOLF with next week? Who is available for DINNER next Thursday? How often do we want to do schedule activities with our friends, family or co-workers but can never figure out everyone's schedule?PLANiT has the answer to scheduling all activities without needing to call or email anyone! PLANiT is able to aggregate and identify available time slots between multiple calendars in seconds, giving the end user instant access to available time frames to schedule activities. Don't worry either, no one will view your personal calendar and you will not be able to view theirs - you only see free times between calendars! WOW is what you're thinking, this application is SECURE, EASY, and ROBUST!WHY use PLANiT? The main reason anyone would use and find this app valuable is to schedule an event without needing to make numerous phone calls to numerous people. A couple clicks and you'll have your answer ASAP!Below are instructions with screenshots on how to create an account and begin using some of the features.We hope you enjoying using PLANiT -- please leave us your feedback and comments as we're always trying to improve and enhance our product based on customer feedback.Thank You -- and Happy Scheduling!I love this app! It has helped me schedule so many activities without wasting time figuring out who is available when I am! -- Vinnie Venugopal (PLANiT user)If you live and die by your calendar, then this app is for you! -- Viren Thakkar (PLANiT user)
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