HiHello Contact Exchange

HiHello lets you curate multiple digital business cards and share your contact details faster than you can say, "Sorry, I forgot my business card!" Ah, business cards. Why is it that in the age of super computers in our pockets and self-driving cars on the road, the most common way of exchanging contact information is still giving each other a piece of a dead tree? And when you need a business card, it's never on you. It's time to bring contact exchange into the future. With HiHello you'll never be without your cards again. Digitally share your information so that people have it where they need it - in their phone. With HiHello, you can: Create multiple cards with different information on them, suitable for sharing in the different contexts you meet people. Have one for work, one for friends, even one for your dog! Share your card using a secure code. No app required to receive! Alternatively, send your card using email or a text message, without even exposing the email or phone number tied to your phone.  Access the right card the moment you need it. With the lock screen widget and Siri, your cards are never more than just one swipe or voice command away! Lastly, your information is yours-- only the people you share with will receive your details, and we won't sell your data. To use HiHello, you'll need to create a quick account using your email. This ensures your data won't be lost if you lose your phone! HiHello is made with love in Palo Alto, California. Try HiHello and tell us what you think by sending feedback from Settings!
License Free
Version 1.0.16
Operating System iOS
System Requirements iOS 11.0