vGIS Utilities

Using the vGIS system, field personnel can see an augmented view that includes holographic infrastructure objects, improving their environmental assessments and increasing their situational awareness. From delivering real-time, in-field holographic visualizations of underground pipes, valves, cables and other utility objects to visualizing ground penetrating radar scans, vGIS solutions are estimated to prevent 25% of excavation-related accidents resulting from human error, among other benefits.The system combines object holograms with object-specific data to provide a hands-free method for field technicians to understand the infrastructure they need to service while on site, quickly and safely.Key features:- Exceptional Accuracy- Consistent Visualizations: 3D overlays stay "world-locked" by remaining in sync with the physical world- Multi-Device Support- No Additional Equipment: vGIS Utilities does not require any additional equipment- Workflow Integration: vGIS Utilities integrates with your existing back-office systems- Advanced Collaboration: Integrated holograms, video, and audio that connect the office with field teams- GIS Integration: Bidirectional integration with Esri ArcGIS and other GIS systems- GNSS Integration: Integrates with high-precision GNSS devices from EOS, SXBlue, and Trimble- Multi-View Support: First-person on-site experience and birds-eye "zoom out" site overviews- GIS Object Support: Supports visualization of points, lines, areas, volumes, and 3D objects- 3D Object Support: Natively displays objects from Esri CitiEngine and Trimble SketchUp
Operating System Android