GPS Data app

You could investigate sign quality, scan module, examine your position/place, rely, signal fine, fix time and rather more! The nicest experiment, reputation and diagnose app! If your works horrible use this app to test, diagnose and repair your hindrance! 4 one-of-a-kind tabs are at your service to test and see your Sky tab signal view sky map view offers function of related with gadget on the sky. Every small circle represents one with color ample to sign force and its fame. Circle is rotated depending on device compass. Signal force view presents strength chart of satellites linked with device. Every bar represents one top of the bar is proportional to acquired signal force. Sign tab record of all satellites linked with device. Every row represents one With this list you get all details about prn number, information about repair, sign force and type: NAVSTAR, GLONASS, QZSS, Galileo, BeiDou. Elevation and altitude is on hand in landscape mode. Data tab on this tab all foremost are on hand, which is role data latitude, longitude, altitude signal info accuracy, satellites fixed, first fix time (fft) movement info speed, bearing World tab world map view presents role of the device, it also suggests world sun role and day-mild/night-darkish subject. There's nearby and UTC time from, additionally time of the sunrise and sundown are available. Geocoding tab geocode handle to world position! Application presents distinctive dimension items function Seconds, Minutes, degrees, universal Transverse Mercador (UTM), army Grid Reference method (MGRS), Earth-centered, Earth-constant (ECEF) pace Metric kmph, Metric ms, Imperial mph, Nautical knots Distance Metric meters, Imperial ft test and diagnose of your gadget. Management of A-GPS Xtra to be had for those who most of the time play sporting events like mountaineering, journey and many others. Use this utility. Utilizing this app, you could Altitude and elevation (measurements of the height of a factor relative to a reference - top above sea stage) place latitude and longitude coordinates, latitude and lengthy list of satellites the quantity of satellites, and PRN are the "pseudo-random noise course the compass decision of the geographical function on this software you get access to the vital mobile, you do not want navigation, monitor or Watch. An handy way to check up and set the time of the day, nearby UTC time bought from the unit and also function on the arena map. Fame allows for you to check signal great, experiment module, satellites depend, signal excellent, see your velocity with speedometer, assess fix time and other. That you could determine satellites in view and satellites used, sign-to-noise ration (SNR) for whenever to first fix and time of last fix. Signal (SNR) bar chart exhibit sign force for every as good as the accuracy and fame. Reputation data involves sign (SNR) bar chart indicates signal force for each and every as good as the accuracy and popularity of the information from Glonass, BeiDou and satellites is proven. Positions in the sky satellites role diagram shown on a rotating compass. Your current vicinity on the map with coordinates. That you can share latitude and longitude of current area by way of e mail, SMS or any messaging app. Your present speed, heading and altitude on Digital and Analog speedometers. Present time read from the and the regional time in your present timezone, as good because the dawn and sundown times at your vicinity and different.
Operating System Android