Main Station

The MainStation transforms your Tablet into a full function controller for your model railroad.Features:Simple, intuitive operation with the same operating appearance and logic as with the Marklin Central Station 2.The MainStation assumes the settings for the Marklin Central Station when running and controlling locomotives, for operating solenoid accessories, and for activating routes by means of the track diagram control board.Up to 8 locomotive controllers can be represented.Several track diagram control boards that can be zoomed in or out can be represented.Configurable screen views.Graphic locomotive selection.Up to 32 locomotive functions and 2040 solenoid accessories can be controlled.Automatic display of the function status by means of self-explanatory pictograms.Can be used in vertical or horizontal format.Requirements:Marklin Central Station 60213/60214/60215/60216/60226 (Version 1.6.)Network connection to the Central Station 2/3WLAN
Operating System Android