AppLock PRO - Best App Locker & Fingerprint Lock

Pattern Lock Fingerprint Lock Knock-Code Lock Pin LockAppLock Uninstall Protection Fake App Crash Alert Spy Alarm Spy Camera Hide Notifications Lock Recent Apps Menu Lock Timer (+5 Features)Energy Consumption %60 (Low Energy Consumption)Performance %170 (High performance)Features %190 (Amazing Features)There are 4 different locking system (For protect your apps most effectively)AppLock Pro offers 12 different features. (Amazing lock system preferences)Lock screen design is very important. AppLock Pro offers unlimited design creation option.AppLock Pro Lock Systems :Knock-Code Lock : To create a knock code touch the zones. Knock-Code is very usefulFingerprint Lock : You can use the finger print with AppLock ProPattern Lock : Pattern Lock work amazing with AppLock Pro.Pin Lock : You can use Pin Lock with AppLock Pro.We offers most different and safe lock systems. That's why our AppLocker is better than other AppLockers.Our AppLocker have most effective locking systems.In this AppLocker have more than you expect. Protect your whatsapp, facebook, instagram, gallery, sms, bank apps and all apps.Extra Protection Preferences :Icon Hide( AppLock Uninstall Protection ) : Prevent uninstalling AppLock Pro. Icon of AppLock Pro will be delete from apps menu. You can start the AppLocker Pro from Lock Screen.Spy Alarm : Write a sentence. When spies play with lock screen they will hear your sentence. Or choose a scream sound.Spy Camera : AppLock Pro will take picture of spy dealing with lock screen.Hide Notifications : When coming a notification from locked apps. AppLock will detect it. And will hide this notification.Lock Recent Apps Menu : You can lock the recent apps menu.App Crash Alert : Protect your lock screen from spies. Fake alert will show before the lock screen.Vibration Preferences : App Lock Pro offer the vibration control.Line Visibility : You can hide the lines of the Knock-Code lock and Pattern lock.New App Alert : You can lock the new installed app practically.Lock Timer : If you want use the App Lock Pro just in specific time interval. That's possible.System Standby : You can set the Lock screen time period.Sistemi Durdurma : App Lock system can stop system from settings.Our AppLocker contain more features from other AppLocker.Protect your phone with extra preferences. In this way AppLock Pro will do full protection.AppLock Pro Design Settings :Theme creator : You can create themes for pin lock screen, pattern lock screen, Knock-Code lock screen or fingerprint lock screen. Theme creation is very easy with AppLock Pro.Blur ( Strech ) or Custom Background : You can change lock screen background. You can use Color, Stretch or Special Image. For the create a theme go to AppLock design settings.You can create wonderful themes with few touches.Users are says this AppLocker contain best themes and amazing features.High security high protectionApplication Locker - Lock App Locker - Hide NotificationsKnock Code Fingerprint App Locker Different App Locker> Secure, Fast, Low energy, low energy requirement, most stable, You must try this app locker.AppLocker Lock your apps Privacy protection Lock Screen Themes> Secure your instagram, facebook, gallery, sms. Fast app lock system, Low energy stabilization, most stable. Awesome themes for lock screenProtect your private applications Free AppLocker Different lockerWe know your wishes about a applocker. And we are working to this purpose. So we are sure. you'll love this applocker.Users are say:"I think it will be most popular AppLocker in the world""It is very cool App Lock. Clean lock screens and high performance""My apps are safe with AppLock Pro""Best lock types. Amazing passwords. Unbelievable lock screen designs"-The Most Different AppLock. We work for perfection.
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License Free
Version 1.1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None