SafeNet Knox Plugin

SafeNet Knox Plugin is a mobile application dedicated to the Samsung Android Knox environment.Samsung Knox is a BYOD-ready technology that protects the confidential information of enterprises. It is a multi security layers solution that separates the private and professional environments of the users in two isolated containers. The security policy of the professional container is completely controled by the IT Administrator, possibly using a MDM (Mobile Device Manager) from Samsung or other vendors.Thanks to the Knox UCM framework, SafeNet Knox Plugin brings the highest possible security level to other Knox compliant applications by providing the access to the Gemalto PKI Secure Elements, and acting like a standardized middleware: The complete Gemalto IDPrime MD cards range is supported including the IDPrime MD 8840 secure MicroSD cards.The targeted use cases are the ones provided by any KNOX UCM compliant application such as the standard Samsung secure email, browser and VPN applications: Strong two factor authentication, secure web access, data and email encryption, digital signature.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None