TicTok - Productivity Tracker

We're on a mission to rid the world of the pain and time lost entering time into timesheet systems or putting together invoices. TicTok is the simplest and easiest way to monitor tasks and projects over time. Perfect for freelancers and on-the-go employees.Inaccurate time recording is an inherent problem for freelance workers and employees all over the world. We looked at the issues from the point of view of the employee, and not the employer. After all, your boss is simply asking you to enter what you have done without supplying the tools to effectively monitor your work as you go. This leaves employees diving in to calendars and their long term memory while filling in the blanks with guess work to cobble together some record of what they've done. The results are wildly inaccurate timesheets, inaccurate billing to clients losing companies millions, and terrible references of historical projects for scoping future work.Many typical time tracking apps ask you to start and stop timers for tasks you are about to do. TicTok reverses that focus and taps into what you have just done, with a quick and simple method of adding time while the details are fresh in your memory.TicTok is perfect for anyone that has to track their time against tasks and projects and submit their hours into timesheets for their employer.TicTok also works perfectly for the freelancers and small business owners to effectively track time spent on client projects.Using TicTok results in a more accurate record of billable time and can even total up the cost of a project over time by applying hourly rates to your projects.Key Features:- Get alerted to log time throughout your working day.- Enter your recently done tasks without interrupting your flow.- Our fun interface makes adding time a drag (in a good way).- You set the days, and frequency, of alerts to fit your working schedule.- Make work more colorful with fully customizable projects.- See your worth by applying hourly rates to projects and see earnings over time.- Refer back to past days to speed up time entry whenever you need it.TicTok is a passion project by the team at Finlabs. We're keen to make TicTok as useful as possible for as many people as we can. As a result your feedback and thoughts are always welcomed and encouraged so you can also become a part of the direction of TicTok. We love hearing new ideas and different thinking so give us a shout at getintouch@finlabs.fi
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.6
Operating System Android
System Requirements None