Piping Fabrication Calculator IPC99

PIPING FABRICATION CALCULATOR IPC99Trendsetting and the world's best and simplest ever App designed for Pipe FittersWhat's new21 Basic Trade Math Functions in Chapter 099 Powerful and Advanced and Main Figure Functions in Chapters 1 to 9General Notes and Chapter NotesTables of DimensionPIPING FABRICATION CALCULATOR IPC99Trendsetting and the World's Best and Simplest ever App designed for Pipe Fitters working in the shop or field.21 Basic Trade Math Functions for reference99 Powerful and Advanced Main Figure Functions not available else where, covering Fabrication of...Brackets and Bracings from Angle,Laying out Division Lines on Plate, Pipes and Elbows,Laying out Circles and Elliptical Shapes,Making Bends from Small Bore Pipes-upto 3 inch dia.,4 types of Transitions, 12 types of 1 to 4 cut 0 to 90 and 90 degree Miters and Mitered Single and Double Offsets with Nomenclature, 90 to 180 degree Miters and 'Y' Branches,Concentric and Eccentric Reducers or Cones from Pipes and Plate (Method for Eccentric Reducers from Pipe is the first of its kind and not available else where-33 size combinations covered),Type-1 and Type-2 Equal and Un-equal 90 degree and Lateral Branches, Bracings or Dummy Supports and Type-3 Equal only 90 degree and Lateral Branch & Main layout and Bull Plug,Dummy Supports or Pipe-to-Elbow connections in 4 Orientations, Concentric or Eccentric, Full or Part Pen,Piping Offsets: Small Bore and Large Diameter Special Elbows, 90's 3D Offsets-Option S, Elbow-to-Elbow, f, Y, T, L and Option Q, 90's 2D Offsets-Option X, eX, eY, eT and Option eL, 180's Parallel Offsets-Option S, Elbow-to-Elbow, e, C, L, T and Option M,180's Rolled Parallel Offsets-Options XY and XYZ,Tables of Dimension
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