YourHour - Phone Addiction Tracker And Controller

At times, do you feel that you are getting more and more addicted to your smartphone and not able to stay FOCUSED? You wake up with your phone by your side and sleep with it next to you. Probably, your phone is your companion throughout the day at all times. But is this PHONE ADDICTION affecting your personal and professional life lately? Are there some Apps which take toll of your productive time and you feel like loosing Control?Then we have got a Smart Digital Solution to your problem of mobile addiction!YourHour app comes with interactive user-friendly features to help you track and manage your app usage for every individual app all day long. You would be surprised to know the exact amount of time you spent on your smartphone on daily basis.Key features of the YourHour App:The Dashboard: Your gateway to your day!The dashboard of YourHour provides you all the essential information you need to know about your day long phone usage. The app keeps a track on your "Total Screen ON Time" and "Total Phone Unlock Count" and thereby, gives a comparative infograph of your weeklong activity.The "Clock Timer" : See your time slip by!YourHour app comes with a Float "Clock Timer" that you can activate on all your addicting apps. Henceforth, every time you launch the app, we show you a nicely designed ticking "Clock Timer" next to it. You are free to drag and drop it wherever you want. This way you can be aware of each minute of your precious time that you remain glued to non-productive apps. We don't block your app notifications or calls like other apps because we want YOU to be the best judge of YOUR time. So we keep you aware at every possible juncture.The Phone Diary: Your Phone's Routine!The daily usage timeline shows the entire day schedule of your phone in one go. What you used, when you used and for how much time did you use it. It tells you each small detail and also shows you the Happy Hours! (no phone usage hour).The Reports : We Remind you!YourHour provides its users with Daily and Weekly report cards in the form of a consolidated report notification. The Daily usage report reviews the daily usage on individual apps, with app run-time and app launch count for each app separately while, the Weekly usage report will summarise the last 7 days mobile usage and unlock count for you. The Daily App Timeline shows the breakdown of the app's daylong usage.The Customiser: Rule your apps in your way!YourHour app provides you the liberty to be your own master. We would provide you information on app usage for all apps by default but its totally upto you to customize the same. Similarly, be free to add and remove the Float Timer from apps if you are not comfortable with the ticking.The Goal Challenge: Hit that goal!With YourHour you can set your phone usage time. Thus, as you come nearby your goal for the day, the app reminds you of the same and aware you that you are done for the day!The Amazing Facts: Learn along the run!YourHour cares for you. And so, with your daily report on app usage it gives you some facts, figures, and quotes to remind you of how much your health is important to us.The Share: Coz sharing is caring!You can share your daily and weekly reports with friends and family and have fun comparing your results and improve together for the better.The Silent worker: We Love to Work Silently!We don't interrupt your work and do not need too much of your attention. You Don't need to launch the app everytime to monitor usage. Just install the app and we do the rest.We would love to hear back from you about the features you liked most and other features you want in future releases of our App. Your suggestions mean alot coz we are striving hard to make you live A Very Healthy Digital Life!Stay Smart and Stay Healthy !
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 33.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None