Analog Clock Widget with Date

Transform your phone into a device that has it all! We present Analog Clock Widget with Date, a cool widget watch that displays the current time, date, month, day of the week and battery percentage. This elegantly designed analog clock that tells time on your home screen combines all of the functionality that you need into one simple and easy to use app. In our clock and battery widget everything you need to know about the current time and date is on plain sight, and whenever you unlock your device, beautifully designed interface will be waiting for you on your mobile home screen. It is perfect for those who want to combine elegant color white and the practicality of cool clock widgets for home screen. Download Analog Clock Widget with Date free of charge and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed with your choice!How to use this analog clock widget:> Open the app and follow the tutorial for your type of mobile device> Add single and/or double widget> To customize the single/first clock or set the alarm, tap on it to open it's customization menu> To customize the second clock or choose a different time zone, tap on it to open it's customization menuFeatures:> Style your own widget by choosing the background, ticks and hands!> Set your own photo as the widget background!> Turn of the second hand for optimal battery usage!> Show or hide date!> See the preview of each element combination!> Set alarm easily and wake up in time!> Add world clock and customize it separately!> Download and enjoy this widget for free!Your new favorite customizable clock widget is available now! In this free time and date app you can find your favorite background that will beautify your "analog clock with second hand widget" and it will give you the impression as if it glowed in the dark. If you are not satisfied with the predesigned backgrounds then choose a photo from your gallery and make your own "photo clock widget". This is the best choice if your are looking for world clock analog dual widgets because with the "dual analog clock widget" you can set "two time zone clocks" on your display and thus know the exact time in your country and the country you're currently in. Download Analog Clock Widget with Date free of charge and make the coolest mobile device ever!You want to have an analog watch for home screen on your display? Worry not, just set this clock widget on home screen and have the most sophisticated and practical app on your display. In order to preserve your battery in this "analog clock with date and day widget" you can turn off the second hand or hide the date. Moreover, since this is an "analog clock with alarm" you can set the alarm and never oversleep again. These and many more fantastic features are waiting for you in this "clock with date and time and day widget" so make sure to download it now for free! "Analog Clock Widget with Date" is waiting for you to customize your phone like never before!Now you can conveniently check the time and date without opening an application because our "animated clock widget" with a moving second hand is designed to be placed right on your home screen. Beautifully designed backgrounds will leave you stunned but if you're not satisfied with our choice then you can set a photo from your gallery and "make your own clock widget". The two time zone clocks widget is the new form of simplicity with elegantly designed backgrounds, ticks and hands for watches so we are positive that you will like analog clock widget with second hand. So hurry, download Analog Clock Widget with Date free of charge and you won't be needing anything else!
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