Voice Notes - Smart, Secure Notepad

Make a speech notes and save it securely within a vault. Voice Notes -Smart, Secure Notepad is simple, safe and easy to use voice and audio notepad application that puts security first. Your notes are password protected using encryption by Touch ID and your private key. Keep sensitive information always available without compromising security!Easy to create notes, just add new note and start speaking, our app will automatically start typing as you speak. You can share this note as a voice mail or audio file to your friends. Make Quick notes with your voice and share your speech memo to other people.Now you don't need to type everything by keyboard!!! Just start speaking and your voice note is ready. You can create memo whenever you got some ideas, alarms, reminders, grocery list, speech, music vocals, schedule meetings, and add new calendar event and many more. Install and start creating Speech notes.This is quick and simple note pad, you can save memo, email, message, shopping list, Account passwords and Any Secret notes. Secure Notes provides a simple interface and taking a note very easier with good usability.FEATURES¦ Password Protection¦ Separate note title¦ Database storage¦ All data encrypted¦ Speech to text feature added¦ Notes by your voice¦ Touch ID¦ Finger print recognition¦ Very minimal UI and easy usability¦ Easy sharing voice notes¦ Convenient notes control and structuring¦ Note search ability¦ Limitless notes¦ Toggle Keyboard and Voice Typing¦ Audio to text convert¦ Read out text
Operating System Android