Universal Clipboard

Desktop companion software: http://xconnectadapps.comThe XConnected Universal Clipboard is an android application to help move data between your phone's and computer's clipboard.Once connection is established between your devices, you can move your clipboard's content with a tap or a click from both ends.You may enable auto synchronization, which automatically updates the clipboard when you copy something on one of your devices.FeaturesInstantaneousCopy one place and paste it on the other under a secondBidirectionalPhone -> PC or PC -> Phone, works the same wayContinuous ModeAutomatically synchronizes your devices clipboardsScreenshot SupportScreenshots taken on your phone immediately on your PC's clipboardEasy to useControl from notification, or from your desktop!On your computer, you need to install the XConnected Desktop Server App (http://xconnectadapps.com) to receive and send the clipboard's content.
License Free
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Android