*Please uninstall the ALPHA version(if installed) of this app before downloading this version.It's not a 5250 emulator for IBM I / AS400/ ISeriesiAccess provides a simple and clean interface to access the IBM I (aka AS400, Iseries and few other names) from any Android phone. Current set of features mainly focus on the Job and the object management.All server details are encrypted with unique encryption keys.Check footnote for SSL connection.Current feature set includes1. Jobs a. Access job list. b. Change job. c. Check job logs. d. Reply to MSGW e. Check job call stack. f. Check job LIBL. g. Hold job (Hold spooled files *YES or *NO) h. Release job. i. End job (*CNTRLD 30 Seconds, *IMMED) j. Search Job2. Commands a. WRKOBJ b. DSPOBJD c. CRTDUPOBJ d. RNMOBJ e. DLTOBJ f. DLTPGM g. CHGOBJD h. MORE COMING SOON3. Add alerts for job. For example, get a notification as soon as any job is in MSGW status.4. View system status.5. There is no limit on number of system you can add.Note: Due to unavailability of SSL enabled server, SSL connections are not tested. So, if you face any issue with SSL please let me know and It will be fixed on priority.
Operating System Android