Pure Voice Recorder

Voice and audio recorder with smart functionsAmazing player... With JOG shuttle search and loop capabilities...Recording modes:Manual record with pause option.Start record with delay (1-30 seconds)Auto-stop recording option (1-120 minutes) View filters:Day filter, only view today's recordingsThree day filter, only view recordings from the past 3 daysWeek filter, only view last week's recordingsLists:Detailed list of your recordingsSummary list of your recordings with smart search optionRecordings:RenameDeleteAdd notesShare to appsShare to dropboxA variety of audio output formats(wav, mp3, amrWB)A variety of audio sources for your recording(Mic, Voice call, Voice recognition, etc)Protect your recordings with a PIN codeAnd many many more...Please pay great attention to this. The recording/playback quality depends on the hardware of your device (mic, speaker, etc.) and on the option of the recording.*Permissions*PureVoice Recorder requires then following permissionsLocationRecordModify or delete the contents of your USB storageControl vibrationFull network accessView network connectionsRead phone status and identityClose other appsModify system settingRetrieve running appsDirectly call phone numbers
Operating System Android