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Name memorable applicationName memorable - NAME MEMO ProNo ads versionYou may often feel knowing someone's face or feel familiar to his or her face but can't remember their name.But, it surely would be a big problem if you are in school or in workplace that required us to face a lot of people.And certainly, there are times when you have to remember the name of that person quickly, such as school friends, co-workers and others.This is our reason to create this name reminder application "NAME MEMO Pro".With this application you can easily remember the names of people around you.It's easy! First of all you can make a grouping of people who you knew only by their schools, companies, places to meet, etc.You can easily remember these people by adding the characters you see such as hair, style of dress etc on the application Name memorable "NAME MEMO Pro".Then, if there is an opportunity to take a picture, you can even add photos of your contacts via camera feature on this application.If you have registered your contact's name in this application, then you certainly can remember their faces of the people as well advantages in your mind.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Have you heard that "The popular people's name can't be forgotten?"It is a natural thing.You will certainly feel close to those who remember your name, isn't it?Instead, you will only disappoint acquaintances, if you are not able to remember his name, isn't it?Don't you get excited when someone you met only once time can remember your name and talk to you?By remembering the name of someone we met it means that we are interested and appreciate our relationship with that person.To become a popular and well known to many people, remembering people's names is a very important thing.Please be famous using this name reminder application "NAME MEMO Pro".
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