Poverty Stoplight Mobile Platform

Poverty Stoplight Mobile Platform is an innovative app for tracking and understanding multidimensional poverty. Using the Poverty Stoplight definition, poverty is broken up into 50 indicators with a red, yellow, and green level defined for each. Families are able to take poverty into their own hands and define their own level of poverty. They are able to set priorities and measure progress.All of the information inputted into the mobile platform syncs with the Poverty Stoplight Server and Web Client. This allows for brand new visualizations, like viewing all of Poverty Stoplight data geographically. Syncing occurs in the background and automatically when the device connects to the internet.New FeaturesSurveys are now automatically saved. If the tablet dies, or the app crashes, they can be easily resumed right where you left off. Just go back to the family you were surveying. tap the new survey button, and follow the dialog.While taking a survey, you can go back to any other portion of a survey using the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. Just tap the step of the survey you'd like to go back to.Families and their priorities can be seen under the family's page. Soon, we will be adding ways to track a family's progress.Automatic syncing with the Poverty Stoplight Server. Syncs occur every 15 minutes and whenever the device reconnects to the internet.
Operating System Android